If you decide to study ballet, do not forget about the unpleasant aspects of this profession-related health problems.Although each case has its pluses and minuses.
Learn to dance on pointe can be almost any age.To start, you need to master the basic positions of ballet pointe shoes without.Five basic positions, but they are built based
on all of the subsequent steps.So, first get your hands on the basics of choreography.At the same time enjoy a workout more feet.Inflate the back muscles as the main load during the dance will go to it on his back.
Once the basics of choreography you obey, and you are sufficiently trained legs and back, proceed directly to the preparation of dance on pointe .For this loan balance training.Learn how to keep the balance at your fingertips.Do this for 2-3 cycles to start.Try to balance in different poses.
Next, stand in first position, rise on your toes.Take care to bend the legs perpendicular to the floor.Same try to do each leg separately.
As another exercise to prepare for the dance on pointe sit down, stretching his legs together.Try to move with his feet, then his fingers without straining your other leg.Work should only foot.
before dancing on pointe very good mash feet and always make sure that the leg was strictly perpendicular to the floor.Otherwise you will have problems with balance, back and feet.
Do not rush, keep in mind that the better you get ready for the next step, the easier it will pass and you will be able to proceed with the development of the next.Haste will inevitably lead to injury, frustration.Therefore, zeroing in on the result rather than the speed of his achievements.