you need
  • - castanets
  • - lace for castanets
Remember, castanets - a musical instrument.This is important, because if you treat them lightly, hardly will achieve great success in their development.There are two schools playing the castanets of Spanish: classical and folk.Both require different treatment with castanets, method of attachment on his hand, too, in both cases is different.
To play the castanets, adhering to the classical style, fix them on the thumbs.The two halves or shells, castanets from each connected string.It needs to wrap around the thumb so that the flaps closed on the one hand, and on the ot
her were open, so that you can tap on the upper half fingers, uttering a sound.
In his right hand, take out the castanets, which gives a higher and brighter sound.Its name - hembra.Second, castanets sound softer and quieter, she called macho.The right hand is committed to trill and weave, and the left emphasizes the basic rhythm of the individual notes.
People's style of play requires a slightly different mounting since even the castanets use slightly different.They are larger in size, and their sound is lower than that of the classic.To fix them, wrap the cord around not only the thumb, but also about anything else that.For the people's game is not developed a specific method for all cases keep the castanets, as all artists are a little bit differently.So fasten tools as does your teacher or a favorite artist, or be guided by considerations of convenience of picking.