you need
  • computer with Internet access
Blogging - the widest Internet traffic.Today every 10 people on earth has its own blog network.Programmers have realized the popularity of blogs and the currently available set of servers that anyone can make your page.It is they, and you should pay attention to those who are going to join the crowd of bloggers.

One of the most popular sites in the world to create a blog - .LiveJournal (as translated portal) is ready to provide site completely free blogging software, diaries, forums and other purposes.To work on the portal you need to create your account.To do this, go to , on the main page read the magazine features a living.

in the upper right corner clic
k on the link "Create Account", go a few steps of registration.Fill out a simple form with your name, your email, your password for future account.Username - username in the future, which will be displayed in the link to your page.Next, fill in a few fields and click "create account".After that, you specify mail a letter with the confirmation link, which you'll be on your own page.
Customize your online diary according to your preferences.LiveJournal is famous for democracy in the design pages - you can choose the theme, location of the fields on the page, etc.Complete information about yourself, upload a photo or any image that will be displayed next to each of your post, and start filling his magazine.Write your thoughts, share events, photos and music, insert, comment on other people's records and subscribe to updates of interest to you pages.Your blog is completely under your control.