Second, often catch crabs for fun.Torturing an animal, and then left abandoned on the sand.Agree, it is not humane.
If you still want to catch crab , honestly eat their prey, then check with the fishermen or local inhabitants, the places where there are clusters of crabs.Then select the appropriate method.
Find out where there may be crabs.Most often it is a quiet place, away from the crowds.Take the tube, mask and fins and dive.Examine the bottom, looking under rocks, where crabs are often hidden.At the same time, be careful.Do not forget to bring a pair of sturdy gloves to avoid injury beast you defensively.From crab claws easily hurt, and a plastic bag.Therefore, for the production, use the net to the rim.
method suitable for crab fishing from a boat or pier.Krabolovka arranged very simply: rim assembly in a grid (it should hang freely with him).They need to firmly attach the bait: meat, fish, etc.and sink to the bottom.After some time (20 minutes) and collect krabolovku raise production, which will be drawn at the bottom of the grid.By the way, so you can fish and crayfish.
where your catch will depend on one thing: come to the right place at the right time.Chances rapidly increase if podgadat precisely the moment when the crab crawls out of the water.This usually occurs in the evening or early morning when the weather is windless, and there are no strong waves.Playing the role and time of year.
when it is determined in due course, consider whether to catch crab literally "bare hands".If the animal is in an open space, you can do so: drive with one hand before his eyes crab (he spread his claws to a meeting "attacking" the hand), and another to have him, and thus to catch.
For fishing you can also use the wand.With bait (to pull crab of stones) or without.Also talk about the vacationers specially adapted for catching crab .They are all the same stick, but with peculiar pincers that you need to have a crab .Crustacean catch hold of them and fall into the trap.