you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser.
Choose a character that suits your taste or for creating pictures.Of course, if you want to firmly engage in drawing, you need to learn to portray a completely different characters, especially the principle that work on the same sketch.
first time, paint, looking at the pieces that you like.Put a picture in front of him.Schedule on a blank sheet size figure of an angel, that is all extreme points that will help you sort out proportions.
Figure broken down into a few simple forms that make up any image.Oval d
raw for the head of an adult or a circle - for the same part of the body of the child.Look at the picture and find forms that are more like a model.Build a figure of circles, ovals, squares, rectangles and lines.Places joints mark small circles.
not forget that the structure and proportions of the body of children are different from the parameters of an adult.Little angel - a plump glamorous creation.Connect all the components into a harmonious shape.Wash the wrong line and try again.
angel wings also painted differently.Draw them folded or straightened, as they plan you need for painting.Watch for symmetry operation, use a ruler.Each feather on the wing mark the stroke.
At this stage, you need to draw clothes and shoes angel's hair.Not yet sharpens their attention to detail, work schematically.Try to make sure that when you look at the sketch you did not have the feeling that it is wrong and disproportionate.
Use auxiliary lines to facilitate the work.Inside the oval, draw a rounded head crossbar on its horizontal line mark the location for the eye, on the vertical - the nose and mouth.Above the eyes strokes draw eyebrows, mark the outline of the hair.
Work on the body of an angel, specify the position of the limbs and muscles to emerge.All drawing should "occur" gradually.Turn up the strokes in one place or the other.Do not forget to look at the original.
When you realize that the work is finished on a pattern, chiaroscuro adds volume figures of angels.Convex lit places leave white, those that are in the shade, light shade short strokes of a pencil.Pay special attention to facial features and curls.Highlight drape clothes.
Move drawing away and look at it, compare it with the original.Please correct the errors and make the final touches on his work.