in tattooing, which later will look high quality and bright, there are a number of nuances to be considered a master tattooist.First of all, the quality of the picture depends on the future of high-quality and successful path.Come first loop once, using just three to five needles, and then a second time.Adjust pressing needles, depending on how thick contour must be.
Remember what you paint - the genre depends on the type of contour drawing.The realistic depiction of the circuit must be unobtrusive, shtrihoobraznym and uneven.Smooth and rigid circuit required in ornamental tattoos, simulating a
variety of patterns and tribal figures.
realistic tattoos to best adjust the thickness of the contour in the process, so that the image looks more dynamic and brighter.Also with the help of competent circuit, you can emphasize the shadow of the figure.
Shadows are also very important for the final perception of tattoos.Depicting the shadows, making the rotational movement of the needles in the right places the picture.The more blacked-out part of the image you dye, the darker and intense shadow should be applied to this place;lighter areas the figure may be applied to blurred or semi-shade.
Depending on the type of figure you can make the shadow color, as well as simulate the smear brush.
think carefully and observe the colors of the tattoo.Colors can be arbitrary, ordered by the customer, and can be determined by the value of the tattoo, its ritual or heraldic meaning.It is best to take as a basis for bright, clean and contrasting colors, sometimes alternating tones in the case of three-dimensional images.
All halftones should be soaked in a scale to figure looked harmonious and not excessively riot of colors.