Before the dance - listen carefully to the rhythm of the melody.If you want to dance gracefully and elegantly in club , is imbued them.Dancer knocked out of rhythm, immediately will make the process of disharmony.
In this case you need to relax and drop all the uncertainty in the direction.I do not wonder what you think of others.Give vent to emotions and enjoy the dance club.The girl who moves relaxed, looks really nice.
To begin, start to move slowly.On the first beat of the music does not need to wave his arms at once, because you will quickly tire of, and will look tired.
Do not shoot the left and right eyes.In club use such female weapon must be very thin.
Improvise and dance on a template, which once learned as a dance quickly
bored with you and looking at you people.Be original, do not copy others, even if they are moving very well.
Dance from the soul, and then you'll catch yourself admiring glances from the opposite sex.And also learn more about themselves and reveal their inner world.