First, determine on which resource you want to create your blog.The Internet offers many options for this decision:,,, and so on.How to decide?See which of these resources are used by the majority of your friends and acquaintances?Where can you find the largest amount of information relevant to your interests?Suffice it plays an important role interface usability blog, but this aspect is difficult to determine without trying popolzovatsja resource.
To create a blog you need to register your chosen internet-resource.Find the link "Registration" and follow the instructions that will be given to you.To register your blog, you will need to provide your e-mail, pick up a username and password, as well as specify the name of a future blog.
After registration, in most cases, have to wait to e-mail a letter with the link to activate your account.If the letter does not come, check that you have specified your e-mail.Or look in the folder "Spam" in your mailbox: expected your letter may be there.
After activating your account, you can proceed to the design of the blog.As a rule, it needs to look into the "Settings" menu, and find the item "registration" or "Design Diary".There you can select the background, font style of your future blog.If you feel insecure as a web designer, use one of the ready-made templates.You can also ask for help in any community dedicated to the design and execution of blogs in the selected resource.
Pick avatars (Userpics), in accordance with the preferred network your image and your interests.You can use also the most successful of your own photos.Try to keep the avatars were designed in one style.It is also desirable that they resonated with the general design of the diary.Set of avatars you can also pick up in the thematic community or forum.
Form your favorite tape.If you have contacts of friends and acquaintances, the leading blogs on the same resource, use them.If you add their favorite blogs on the tape, you can keep track of their new records as they become available.Search using the search service or a thematic catalog of your chosen resource community relevant to your interests.