you need
  • computers, the Internet, the account in the social network "VKontakte», Adobe Photoshop or another image editor with required functionality, basic skills Photoshop'om.
First, create a new group, if you do not already have one.To do this, by clicking on item "My Groups" in the sidebar, go to the "Community".Here, click the "Create a community."In the window that appears, enter the group name and click "Create a community."At the creation of the group is completed.
Now the newly created group to configure.For this information to the fields on the page "First dressing" and turn the blocks you need.If you hav
e not decided on the settings, you can skip this step and return to them later by clicking the link "community management", located in the main menu group.But to create a beautiful design sure to turn the unit "Materials".
Base beautiful design group - it's her avatar and the menu-picture.To create them, you will need Photoshop or another image editor.In the process of registration is allocated three main stages: the creation and preparation of relevant images, download them to the group and the creation of working menu using wiki markup "VKontakte".Accordingly, start drawing with the launch of Photoshop and creating an avatar.
for avatars, you can create any song, but its height should be less than 800px (pixels), and the width does not exceed 200px.Larger "VKontakte" will reduce the boot.
Next, create the menu.Menu group "Vkontakte" is composed of several images, closely fitted to each other so that the impression is that they form a whole.Using wiki markup each picture is given a page that should be opened when you click on it.
Menu the way it sees the visitor groups and to fit markup fragments.
To achieve this, you first create with the editor a big picture menu entirely.It should not be wider than 370px.Choose the background and draw a button on it and sign their names to you relevant sections.Then divide the picture into separate parts.
When menus and avatars are ready, proceed to downloading images to the site.To download avatar, click the "Upload a photo" on the home page of the group.At boot time, a predetermined portion of the avatar, which will be an icon of the group.Then download the album in separate fragments of the menu and start its assembly.
To build the menu click on "Edit" link that appears when you move the arrow to select "Latest News".In the upper field, open the page, enter the name of the menu.A large field is used to enter wiki markup and creation of the menu or other materials.
Enter in the input field wiki markup code for each piece of this menu template:


where all the elements enclosed in the & lt; angular parenthesis & gt;should be replaced with real values ​​for your menu:

  • & lt; XXX-YYY & gt; - is the ID picture that you can see in the address bar by clicking on the desired fragment in the album menu.

  • & lt; width & gt; and & lt; height & gt; - width and height of the image fragment.

  • & lt; XXX & gt; - ID group is issued.It is possible to look directly into the address bar of the page editing menu.

  • & lt; Nazvanie_stranitsy & gt; - the name of the page that would indicate button.All spaces in the name must be replaced by subscript dash.

details on wiki markup, you can get by clicking the link on the page editing - "Help on partitioning".
At this point you will get a nice menu and an avatar for your group.Also, to create a beautiful design you can use the spoilers, text formatting, tables created using wiki markup.