To block access program to the Internet, you need a special program - the firewall (firewall).It is this class of software allows you to monitor network activity of all applications installed on your computer.Similar programs exist quite a lot.Moreover, experts recommend the use of firewalls in conjunction with antivirus software, such as the combination of remedies can prevent many network threats to your home computer.When selecting a firewall, you will find both paid and free software solutions.The best-known and proven means of protection - Outpost Firewall Pro is of the paid solutions and COMODO Firewall - of the free.Choose for yourself like th
e program and you can download it from the website of the respective manufacturer.
Next steps showing how to block access to the Internet program, we will show an example COMODO Firewall.After installing the software and restarting the system, you will see an icon in the system tray COMODO next to the clock.Click on it twice with the mouse to open the firewall settings.In it you will see four tabs: Summary, firewall protection, different.Click on the tab "Firewall."Select the task "Add a locked application."
In the small window you will see the address bar.To block access to the Internet the program, click on the "Select".Blocked program, you can specify the list of running processes, as well as via "Browse" and the Explorer window to enter its location on your hard drive.Then click "Apply".Now the specified application when you try to transfer data to the Internet will be blocked by a firewall.The very same application at the same time will generate an error or connection, or assume that the correct server is temporarily down.