costume for belly dancing can be classic and exclusive.Classic Oriental handsome outfits consist of bodice, long skirt and belt.This is called the waist.Bespoyasnye popular and costumes that differ only by the absence of the hip accessory.In this case, bizarre oriental embroidery and pendants made directly from the fringe on the skirt or pants.
Decide what you want to see as the bottom of the costume: skirt, fish, chiffon straight skirt or asymmetry with necklaces.On rounded hips look great oriental skirt trousers made of light transparent fabric.Pick up material at its discretion.Lightweight fabric looks great on slender and long-legged dancers, more dense and opaque prefer women with a curvy shape.Colours and materials can be extremely varied.The main purpose of the skirt or pants - to cover legs dance
r to focus the audience on the movement of the abdomen and thighs.
Complete suit is mandatory piece halter top and tight bodice that opens the stomach, does not hinder the movement of the arms and torso.Choose the top is not so difficult, it could be a classic finishing top and lace, you can hand sew him rhinestones, beads, sequins, beads, fringe.However, ready-made options for oriental dance tops you may seem more attractive and exquisite detail of the image.They are made of an elastic material, tight to the body, intricately decorated.Top should be an ensemble with a belt and a skirt in color and finish.
If you decide that the hip belt is a separate accessory suit, pay special attention to his appearance and decoration.Belt for belly dancing to be tight, even rigid, wide elastic band sewn to or a soft base.This is to better secure it to sit well on the hips and moved around the waist while dancing.The density of the material needed to form and kept the belt does not twist.However, no less smart instead of a belt looks expensive ornate scarf.Shawl can be embroidered with beads, beads, and often on the edge of it all frames elegant fringe and coins / necklaces.Recent movements during melodious ring, emphasizing the rhythm of oriental dance.Scarf as a belt tied at the hips.Shawls can be rectangular and triangular shapes, knitted and sewn on velvet.Despite the high price, the main decoration of dress as much as possible should be handmade.But copyrights podsmotrev samples in catalogs and magazines, and armed with everything you need, you will be able to make a belt for a suit with his hands.
How to choose a dress for belly dancing
Do not forget to pick up the attributes for the eastern room.On shoes do not have to worry - Belly Dance performed barefoot.But you may find useful: fans Vale of silk or feathers, sticks, table, sagats, silk scarves, swords and more.These oriental belly dance accessories add a special piquancy and originality.