you need
  • 1. Transparency (multifora) or tracing paper.
  • 2. line.
  • 3. Simple pencil.
  • 4. Clean sheet of paper for your drawing.
  • 5. Figure-original.
Raschertite transparencies (tracing paper) to obtain a grid of cells.The more small and complex elements contains a picture, the original, the less must be the cells.Optimal cells are 2x2 cm.
Apply been lined with foil and set the original pattern.Draw in pencil on the film difficult.It is better to use a thin marker of alcohol-based.It dries quickly and will not be smeared on the tape random motion.Your template is ready.
next step - raschertite white paper grid of squares.It must be the sa
me size as that on the template.If you need to zoom in the picture, increase the size of the grid on a sheet, keeping the ratio.If you are afraid to get lost in the grid pronomeruyte its horizontal and vertical numbers and letters, as in the game of sea battle.
Now carefully copy the position of the lines in the cells of the original on your list.Better to start with the edges and large (main) line, gradually moving to a more careful study.The pattern may be a little awkward, so when the copy tweak smooth lines and line interface in the figure.
After applying linear pattern is time to move to the shading.You should start with light colors.Turning to the shadows and the darkest parts, use a soft pencil (denoted by the letter B).Try to put the finishing touches on the shape of the object, emphasizing the curves, it will add volume and realism into the picture.