Make beads with your hands is not difficult, the cost of production of small beads, especially when you consider that the beads can be taken from the mother's or grandmother's old beads, or just buy in the store - the beads are inexpensive.

Let's make today the blue-blue beads.We need:

  • beads white, blue, blue and silver;

  • wire;

  • small pliers;

  • scissors;

  • clasp for beads in the form of rods and rings;

  • two clips (beads made of soft metal flattened with pliers to fix the lock).

for storing beads is better to use a special plastic box with small compartments.You can use special cases for bolts and nuts (you can buy them at the hardware store or take a dad or grandparents) or special boxes for fake nails.

in stores specializing in the sale of products for creativity, you can buy a stand for making beads.At the base you can lay out the beads and rear

range them.But for making your first beads all this paraphernalia is not necessary, it can be expanded beads on a plate or just on the table.

For starters will select beads suited to each other in the shade, size and shape.Good will look the same rows of beads shape, but different sizes and made of different materials.For example, the flowers - plastic and metal.

colors of blue and blue - cold, so the clips and locking wire for better use of beads in silver color.

beads to form the correct order position in the center of the biggest and most beautiful.Then the two sides, add beads in size, shape and tone to your taste.At the very edges of the beads can be arranged cheaper and easier, as they will be placed behind and very few people will be able to notice them.

To understand how long should the wire, it is necessary to estimate the length of the beads, add 5 cm at the clasp.The next step is to thread the wire in one part of the clasp - a stick or a ring.Bend the wire about 2 cm from the edge and run through both ends of the clip.Flatten the clip so that it does not hit the ribbed portion of the pliers so as not to damage it.

And now we begin to string beads.Take the beads with a plate or table in the order in which you arrange them earlier.When you put all the beads, see if you like how they look on the wire - there is still a chance to change everything.Then put on the wire clamp, followed by a second portion of the fastener and the output end of the wire through the clip.

thread the end of the wire through one or two beads and tighten so that the beads abut one another.It would be nice to end of the wire was hidden inside the large beads, and excess can be cut with scissors.

last stage - well flatten the clamp pliers.

Now you know how to make a necklace with his hands.Good luck!