you need
  • Pencils, paper, label, tape, ruler.
First you need to make a sketch of the future for your stencil.If you plan to make an inscription.The first thing you can think of design letters.If you already have experience in calligraphy can come up with their own, but if you have not done this before is best to look at examples, copy the favorite.Better will look expressive characters.
If you are going to be transferred to the stencil image, get to start is not too complicated.Simple concise picture without further details, it may look very expressive and stylish.
Simply start with small sketches.Make it one, two, three options to format A6 sheet.
If you come up with a sketch of their own, never settle for the first option, even if it is you like.Having made a couple more you are likely to give up on him.
How to Stencil
Once you have come up with a sketch, take a sheet of thick poster board and cut it down to size.You can also use cardboard, fiberboard, linoleum, and even a thin veneer trehmillimetrovuyu.
Now you must transfer the sketch onto a sheet.There are several ways.If you believe in yourself, or did you figure above, you can transfer the sketch by hand.But when you need to multiply the useful sketch more reliable way to accurately transfer the sketch on cardboard.It was used since ancient times.Mark out your sketch, using a ruler, on the same squares.You should get some kind of mesh.The more squares, the more you move the picture.

On a sheet of paper, stencil future, mark the same number of cells.For convenience, the cells can be numbered.For example, letters and numbers vertically horizontally.

Once you move to a stencil sketch, draw around it with a marker.
How to Stencil
can now proceed to the excision of the stencil.It is best to use a breadboard for this good knife with a lock.Use scissors to do this would be extremely uncomfortable.In order to make it easier and quicker to cut straight lines can use metal ruler.
If you want to make your stencil more durable and water resistant, the prior, obkleyte it, on both sides, transparent tape.Just for easier use and improve the wear resistance, can be attached on the sides of the stencil ordinary wooden ruler.
How to Stencil