you need
  • - bot program;
  • - an archive utility.
To install bots in Counter-Strike, download one of the free bot programs - Zbot, POD-Bot or YaPB.Many fans of Counter-Strike prefer Zbot, as the most simple program to install.
Unzip the downloaded file using the archiver (eg, IZArc, PowerArchiver or WinRAR).Resulting eventually in the folder, copy the folder with a game - the default is the folder "cstrike" on drive C. Do not forget to confirm the replacement of some of the files that are copied.
Run Counter-Strike and create a new game on the chosen map.Wait for the game world, this can take from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on your computer system.
Select a team for which you play.Th
en open the console Counter-Strike (press "~").Before you start adding bots experienced players recommend to set the level of their skills, in other words, the difficulty level of your game.Difficulty bots set team "bot_difficulity" - it is necessary to register in the console and press Enter.If the player's goal - to fight the enemies of the newcomers, then you must enter the query "bot_difficulity 0", on the other hand, the most skilled team of robots called "bot_difficulity 3".
By default, the number of players in the team, the players in Counter-Strike equalized, but when there is a desire to play alone against the crowd bots , you must remember the two Console commands: mp_limitteams 0mp_autoteambalance 0Pervaya command disables a limit on the number ofplayer, the second - disables autobalance participants.If necessary, the zeros can be replaced by any number required to you, for example, 20.
Add bots the game in either of two possible ways.The first way - to add the console.To do this, write in the console command "bot_add_ct" or "bot_add_t", that is, "add-boat commando" and "Add bot-terrorist".You will need to enter commands on the number of required bots .The second way - by pressing the "N" on the keyboard.In the menu that appears, select the button "Add bot to CT" or "Add bot to T", which correspond to the console commands.
To automatically add bots there is a command "bot_quota X".At the end of the command instead of X indicates the correct number for both teams bots .