Tip 1: How to learn to dance street dance

Dancing has always been a way of self-expression and self-realization for people of all ages and social classes.Today are becoming increasingly popular so-called street dance in which people feel the spirit of freedom and the ability to master his own body and know its capabilities.Start learning street dance can be at home, using videos and complete interactive lessons, and then, after mastering the initial equipment, you can start to engage with the teacher in the studio - Today, in any large city you can find many dance studios that teach street dance in different directions, several of which you will learn in this article.From these styles you can choose the one that you are most interested and attracted.
One of the modern forms of street dance called Tut.The name of the dance comes from the word "Tutankhamun", as the basis of the movements and positions of classical dance Tut are images of rulers and inhabitants of ancient Egypt, which everyone has seen on papyrus and graphics.Th
e characteristic rotation of the trunk, up static poses, which froze the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, lowered or raised by hand with brushes, bent parallel to the ground - all that distinguishes the style of Tut from others.
Feature Tut - is clarity in the change of position, the intermittent attention to the profile of a dancer, a plurality of angular movements performed at a right angle.Hands in the dance as much as possible to keep straight, without bending the finger joints, and try to keep your head on one level, without changing the position of the profile.
Another dance, much more famous and popular - is tectonics.The development of tectonics is very important to be able to listen to the music and feel the rhythm as the dance does not exist apart from the rhythm and music.Tecktonik is extremely flexible, and his movements are subject to the basic rhythm of the melody.Therefore, if you decide to study tectonics, learn to listen carefully to the rhythm and to reflect it in his own body.
Develop a sense of rhythm in a special rhythmic exercises, repeat simple dance movement coach in the video tutorial.Learn to distinguish in the rhythms of strong and weak share accents highlight the music to feel moments of ups and downs of its saturation.Learn to perceive music - is the key to improvisation and development of tectonics, in which the dancer with your own body repeats the song.
Listen to more rhythmic music, try to repeat the movements of the body rhythms, rhythms knock on any surface, gets under your arm.Communicate with other dancers, and listen carefully to the advice of the teacher.
Finally, you can choose from all the subspecies of street dance style called "Crump".This dance is different from all other styles of sheer theatricality, and the important role it played in the facial expressions, gestures and acting ability dancer.Feature Crump - is entertainment, interaction between the dancers, vigor and brightness of the dance.

Tip 2: How to dance street dance

street dance, or the Street Dance, - is very popular among young people kind of dance.The name "street dance" speaks for itself: this type of dancing, you might say, was born on the street.Street dance - a dance of freedom, it is a special energy and expression, it is the dissolution of the move.
Street dance
most famous areas of street dance - funk, hip-hop, break dancing, popping, lokking, house, new-style, R'n'B,disc and others. However, these kinds of practically do not occur in pure form.Folk dancing - is improvisation, mixing elements of various styles.Here the main thing - it's not so much a trick skills, self-expression as a dancer.

StreetDance perform modern music - mostly pop or disco.

learn to dance, street dance, you'll feel confident at any party or in any night club!
If you have no way to learn street dance in the dance studio, do not worry.You can learn to dance at home, using a training video tutorials.

To learn how to dance street dance at home, try to stick to simple rules:

- choose the time to practice when you will not be distracting;

- stick to a certain schedule of classes - for example, for half an hour three times a week;

- Wear comfortable clothes for classes;

- do not forget the warm-up before the start of classes.
videos, teaching street dance:

http://tabulorasa.info/60892-uroki-tancam-tancy-ulic-you-got-served-stre ...

http: //tutvideo.ru/dance/kstyle/12085-Free_Online_Street_Dance_Lessons_F ...

http: // e-boyz.ru / video-obuchenie /

http: //dance-l.my1.ru/news/obuchenie_ulichnym_tancam_video_hip_hop_al_st ...


http: //video.yandex.ru/search.xml?text=%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE%20 ...
hip-hop- one of the most popular and trendy areas of street dance.Hip-hop - it's not just a dance, a youth subculture that originally emerged among African Americans and Hispanics.Hence the movement of dance, typical of African dances: the emphasis in the hip-hop movement falls on the legs and body.

style dance performance in the style of hip-hop is constantly changing, and the technique (compared to looked like a hip-hop 40 years ago) is more complicated.This dance is not the easiest to execute, you must persevere to master the technique of its execution.
Educational video tutorial-style hip-hop:

http: //www.tvjam.ru/channel/chem_zanimaetes/program/tanceval_nyj_master _...




http://maniya.net.ru/874-obuchayushhie-trenirovki-po-xip-xopu-2-chasti-i ...



http: // www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=%D1%85%D0%B8%D0 ...
main difference, or "chip", breyk-dance - it is entertainment.Breakdance (Vreak dance) - a fusion of elements of acrobatics and gymnastics, plus elements of different dance styles and in addition a lot of their own and original elements of the dancer.Musical accompaniment may also be different: rap, disco, jazz, soul or funk.

The breakdance, there are two main areas: it is the top breakdance (funk styles) and a lower break-dance (breaking).To achieve excellence and perfection in the art of breakdancing can not everyone, but only one who can say, lives a break.But still learn breakdance can anyone would desire!

a result of learning break dance figure becomes more slender body - flexible muscles - hardy and movement - a free and easy.
Training video style breakdance:


http: //bboy.su/2009/05/01/obuchenie-brejk-dansa-na-video-ot-urbans/


http: // www.tancklub.ru/category/verkhnii-breik-dans