you need
  • paper;
  • handle;
  • special recipe.
If you want to learn how to write beautifully, use this method.Take a sheet of paper, a pen and start writing.While only one of any letter.For this portrays her as many times as you need to like the result.In this exercise, though not forbidden to fill a whole piece, if not the only one to achieve his goal.However, this method is rather time consuming, because you need to work so all the letters of the alphabet, and it will take a lot of time.But the result is worth it.While it would still be far from the basics of calligraphy.
How to learn how to write beautiful handwriting
Another way how to learn to write beautifully, - buy a school ex
ercise book.Such enjoyed first-graders.In them all the letters and their parts registered the way they should be written according to the laws of calligraphy.Do not forget to keep track of exactly what you work: according to the rules of writing the words you need to do with your arms and shoulder, not the wrist, as many are accustomed to.Because it is a letter using the muscles of the hand helps to make the word more uniform and smoother movement, which gives a certain roundness and letters.And be sure to watch your posture: beautiful letters do not like hunched and gnarled.Sitting in the excercise of calligraphy it is necessary with a smooth back, and with a sufficient distance between the eyes, and writing paper.
Practice for the start air povypisyvat certain lines and outlines, and only then later transfer them to paper.Experts assure that it is a way of helping to make the letters more crisp and even.Initially, it will be difficult, because the arm will be constantly on their toes.But if you write well for 10 minutes, the stress is gone.
to train your handwriting, write down everything you can only hand-written way, without a computer or typewriter.This will help you control your handwriting and well-developed muscles of the arms, as well as coordination.One of the ways you can learn to write beautifully, - to take different writing instruments.To do this, fit the handle with the wide end, crayons, felt-tip pens.They will help you find some artistic features of your handwriting.
How to learn how to write beautiful handwriting