length of the rope depends on your height.If you choose too short, during a jump it will not touch the floor, and you have to make an extra effort to raise high the leg.Too long the rope did not give a clear rotation, will confuse and disturb.
Take both ends of the rope in one hand.Pull it forward smoothly at chest level so that the angle between the arm and your body was 90 degrees.The lower end of the rope to touch the floor, it should not be based on the fold on the floor or hanging above the floor a few inches from him.This measure will ensure the optimal length of the rope is strictly for your g
rowth, and this will be the guarantor of quality and effective training.
Another way to determine the correct length.Take the rope at both ends with both hands and stand in the middle of both feet.Tension sports equipment along the trunk.If the top of the handles was at the level of armpits or at least not below the chest - the rope will suit you.If the cord is the product a little longer, it will be difficult to control the movement and it is practically impossible to do a double jump.
if to personally measure the length of the rope under its growth there, guided by the generally accepted ratio of growth to the table length:

- to grow up to 150 cm fit 1.8-meter product;
- 151-167 cm - 2.5 m;
- 168-175 cm - 2.8 m;
- 176-183 cm - 3.0 m;
- from 183 cm - 3.5-3.8 m.
for effective lessons give preference to the rope with a cord made of PVC or rubberized cord.Handles should be comfortable size for your hands, smooth, free of burrs and cracks.The cord should not be too thin and light, otherwise the rope will be confused and cling.