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Decide what topic you do log.The theme should be clearly defined, but not too narrow.For example, issue of the journal of the restaurant business, you will attract tens of thousands of readers.But if we limit ourselves an integral part of the restaurant business - for example, the service at premium restaurants - run the risk of losing the audience wondering which management institution of another price segment.
Categories Make magazine.On how well it will be structured, depending on the ease of navigating your site.Further specifics of the categories for the online magazine - the presence of sections and subsections.While the former should be present in the issues c
onstantly, the second - to change depending on the theme.No less important is the name.The way call log, depends on how it will respond to a new audience.After all, we see only the first name, the content - only then.
Select CMS, on which to build the site.Platforms differ ability to insert additional modules - such as online, shop, etc.Once chosen CMS, get hosting and register domain.Make a semantic core of the future of the magazine, which analyze the most of the key questions on your topic.
Create design.Of course, it would be better if you develop it yourself, then your magazine will be more thematic.But sometimes we can take a ready template.Open access - hundreds of templates for the most popular engines, but if there is little financial assets - better buy.Ready design is inexpensive, and its advantage - to a lesser rastirazhirovannosti.
Load the CMS and theme (template design) to the site.Carefully check the correct loading.If all goes well, start filling.For the initial indexing of the journal should be 2-3 articles each subheading.When you write them - do not forget the key questions.Avoid the temptation to use other resources.If the usual site is considered acceptable (for permission to quote material and the presence of hyperlinks), then for the magazine - no.After all, the main difference between the issue - that the author or authors are the experts in the topic on which they write.
Register your site in search engines, as well as the most reputable directories.The presence of these gives as additional links and direct referrals of potential readers.Then unroll the magazine in every way possible, but avoid the "black" schemes, which use very high risk of getting the sanctions search engines.