Reading.The most common option in many ways - a journey with the heroes of the great works.Only one book can take a whole day, and you just will not be bored, because reading absorb without residue.It is not necessary to take on the classics, you might want adventure or action-detective.Choose the product to your liking and go into the fascinating world created by writers for you.
Active holidays.Cheer up, take a few hours and help cheer up sports such as roller skating, cycling, swimming, playing tennis or badminton.
General cleaning, or parting with the old.Your apartment is fraught with opportunities for far more boring hours.You finally have the time to wash the floor behind the sofa or disassemble the rubble with unnecessary things in t
he cupboards.Take out the garbage after such events is quite nice - you get rid of the psychological burden of the past, which has a positive effect on your mood and health.Well, your house will be even more comfortable, clean and neat.
Soaps.Some people spend their whole day watching, so a few hours in the company of heroes of different patterns you definitely pass.Choose a TV series, which consists of a few seasons, the plot of which you are attracted to, and the action on the screen matches the mood.
Cultural events.Most often there are moments of boredom during the weekend - just when every city you can find the concert, a play or an interesting exhibition of paintings or photographs.Go to a place that suits your tastes and your evening is not lost.