you need
  • - sportswear and footwear;
  • - special cap;
  • - mirror;
  • - music.
Wear comfortable clothes, do not snare.Remember, breakdancing includes complex acrobatic elements, so the initial physical preparation needed to quickly master the technique of dance.However, even people with no dance experience, can learn to perform break dancing.The main thrust of training and desire.
Get hold of these basic elements, before you start learning the movements of the dance.You should be able to: be on hand (in hand) and the head;Press and hold for a long time stable.Have a good stretch and strong back muscles.
Learn to break the most basic movement - wave.To do this, drop down on your hands.At first contact with the ground his hands, then his chest, and then his
Practise exercise arms and legs.To do this, stand on his feet and jump at the same time on his hands.Make a push hands and feet and then jump back into his arms.
Make slipping on his head.This should be done only in a special cap.A running leap to the head, remove your hands and slide inertia.
Learn to torsion at the back.To do this, sit on the floor so that the left leg was straight under you, and the right bent at the knee.Very straighten your right leg and bring it to the left on left foot as much as your body allows you to.Now both legs straight, crossed.Sharply swept left under the right angle formed, and good speed.Now, spinning on his back, tighten the legs to him and crossed them for even greater speed.
learn how to perform a wave of hands, feet, run it from any part of the body.The wave is considered to be a key element of the upper break-dance.Just to the basics of the top breaks include robot motion.It is performed, representing himself machine.All movements must be sharp, discontinuous.Smoothness is absolutely not allowed.
Train as often as possible, develop flexibility and muscle, and the result is sure to be noticed.