What traffic and monetization

The most common way to make a blog - it is the monetization of traffic.Traffic - a stream of visitors who pass through your blog.These are people who come to the blog pages from the search engines or other links to read what you have written so new.

In calculating the traffic important number of unique visitors.For example, a person went to your site, he liked it, and decided to check out your blog in the evening.During the day it will go a few times, but this is only one unique visitor.

Describes how to make a blog, in fact, reduced to information about how you can monetize traffic.In other words, this is called conversion, ie, the trans
formation of the flow of visitors to the blog income.

way to make a blog

placement.Options for earning a blog depends on your imagination, but there are many people and proven alternatives.The first of them - is advertising.Having defined the theme of the blog, you can search for companies that provide services in your industry.By placing their money for advertising on your site, you earn income from your blog, and they - yet.If your blog is advertised and known, the advertisers themselves will offer you accommodation of paid posts.

Affiliate Programs.In order to participate in an affiliate program, you need only place on the site code that it provides.Now visitors will click themselves in shape and go to the site of the partner, and your score will drop money.Affiliate programs there are so many, and it's a great way to earn money.The advantage is that you only have one time to place the code on the affiliate site, and then you need to take care only of the content on the site.Do not forget to periodically remove money from the account :)

Selling links - another way to make a blog or website.It can also be called an affiliate program.But it is different from the usual that you do not even need to have traffic on the site to sell to him exile.Selling links is possible even with "zero" blogs, which still do not have any visitors.But there are some nuances.The higher the TIC and PR (blog ranking in the search engines) of your site, the more you can sell links from it.

advantage of at least one of the following methods, you are guaranteed to receive income from your blog or website.