you need
  • - pointe;
  • - a hammer;
  • - two satin ribbons;
  • - liners in pointe shoes;
  • - needle and thread
purchasing pointe shoes from the individual masters or in a specialty store, try them.Sock pointe shoes - box - must be rigid and narrow, and the shoes - tightly wraps the foot.Otherwise, in the free dance on pointe leg lead to an uneven load on the toes, which is fraught with falls and injuries.
be taken into account and the fact that he had just bought to wear pointe shoes can not immediately, they require some training.If the toe is very cruel - mash it with a hammer until it acquires the desired softness.Typically, these shoes are made individual craftsmen using traditional techniques.Today the factory makes production more soft pointe shoes that you can just stretch my hands.
then sewn to pointes satin ribbons for a more secure fit on the leg.Their width should be 3-5 cm, length - up to 2 m. To sew a folded strip to the heel ballet shoes.You can place it inside the pointe - under the heel and sew sides.Such a method is suitable for those who have a narrow foot, requiring additional fixation.
Use special inserts to the legs in ballet shoes have been more comfortable.In specialty stores, you can buy silicone, fabric and paper liners.Silicone - due to its elasticity and is more expensive than paper or fabric, they also - most comfortable and suitable for repeated use.
Put inserts in shoes and put them on.Tie a ribbon, wrapping them several times around the ankle.Do not tighten them too much, so as not to disturb the circulation.Securely thread the ends of the strips so that they could not stop you while dancing.
not start training in self-pointe.They must only be carried out under the guidance of an experienced coach.Otherwise, you risk serious injury.