you need
  • - a computer with Internet access
  • - browser
Decide on a topic for which you want to create Internet - Journal .Each newspaper, city, district or factory, always contains all genres Journal ISTIC.So Internet - Journal should cover them.Narrow your topic magazine and to a minimum, select a very specific topic, specify it more clearly.
Start collecting material.Open the resource as soon as accumulated about 50 articles.That will be enough to make the Internet - magazine and several releases.Then collect the material again for the next edition.Always make it to fill your Internet - Journal .First make the weekly issues, so you have time to co
llect the necessary information to track the most and least visited issues, analyze this information, and, on this basis, to build a new release of its Internet - Journal and so that it was interesting to readers.
replenished every section of the website any material, once a month at least.Build issues so that in each of them the reader can find at least one material from any section of the journal well.Thus you can not only make your online - Journal , but also cover a larger audience, to give the reader a choice.
Advertise in its Internet - Journal ie links to photo reports from the past week events.This can bring to the site Journal and those people who are too lazy to read, and easier to view photos and find the same news, because of them.In each issue, add at least one material from the history of such a mini-excursion, it allows you to add readers.
determine if you have the desire and time to work on the Internet - Journal th, before creating his own journal .Sort the collected materials before their post, aiming to ensure that the reader will get the best.