First of all you must decide why you need a blog.How could you share with your future network friends?Would you be interested in an audience for his literary experiments, drawings or photographs?Perhaps you plan to devote a blog business, you very well know and love - cooking, for example, or the care of house plants?In addition, the blog can be a good platform for the sale of copyright products handmade - toys, jewelry, gifts.Or maybe you just want to sh
are with your friends everyday thoughts and impressions?It is also possible to do so, that many people will read your notes with genuine interest.
platform of choice for conducting weblog is now quite large.Almost everywhere there is a possibility to have a free account and if you want to move to a paid basis, giving users more opportunities.When choosing guided by the extent to which it will be convenient to you on this platform to blog that matches your goals.
Creating a weblog design, choice of avatars - an interesting creative challenge, especially if you have the skills to work in the graphic editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, and are fond of web design.If these skills do not, do not worry.You can always pick up a basic design options, or get ready to design a thematic community chosen blogosphere.In addition, these communities always have craftsmen ready to design custom-made according to your preferences.Likewise, you can choose an avatar.
better to think in advance what kind of impression you want to make friends on the future design of your blog.Which network do you choose?Want to emphasize its seriousness and sanity and optimism and joie de vivre?The color scheme of your blog without words to tell about it!Who is going to look to your avatar?There may live your favorite movie heroes, you favorite pictures, favorite animals, and perhaps choose the most successful of his own pictures.
Try not to write too long - it can tire the readers.Concentrate on the most important and interesting of what you can share.If the text still get long enough, remove most of it under the so-called "cat."This kind of links that when clicked, opens a hidden part of the text.The same must be done with a large collection of photos.