Open a page with a set of design for diaries.Choose the one you like, and discover its full contents.Open the browser, another page, but your diary.The first page will need to copy materiala.Nachnite a "cap."In an open set, right-mouse click on the drawing hats, save it to your computer.On his page diary find the word "adjustment" and "use their" place a checkmark.Open the "Browse" and locate the saved file "cap", click "OK".Cap should appear on the sample page.Save your changes.
To change the background of the page and block, it is necessar
y to open the "Settings".The first line is the color of the "cap".You can choose any background exception would be that "cap", which should shine through.The second line indicates the background color.
page diary have a picture of greeting, it attached the code.Copy it, goto your diary, open the "Edit" in an address to the guests, switch on an HTML language code, and save the image.
To insert instead of your photo image and an avatar, it is necessary to save them to your computer first, and then insert the pages of his diary .Under the picture, you can upload your photo.
To make frames for their jobs, they need to copy, save, switch the mode in an HTML language and paste the copied code.The resulting recording code, locate the text written in Russian letters (they are usually located between the quotation marks or brackets), there will be located your text.
Open the page with your diary and a window "to write the idea" and record.Go back to the page with a set of designs.Gently wipe off any Russian letters, leaving one at the beginning and one at the end.This is in order not to change the font.When removing do not delete the quotation marks and parentheses.
Insert your own text, see what happens and then click "send".Try similarly rpg issue and appeal to visitors.