Tags for registration links can be varied, supplemented.With additional insert in the final text appear decoration and color changes.However, all references to the name based on this tag: & lt; a href = "link address" & gt; link title & lt; / a & gt ;.These codes allow you to create simple link , Highlight and underline (the color depends on the design of the site).A new page will be opened in the current window.
complicate the task.To the reader not only opened link , but stayed on the page of your messages, add another tag.The name of the reference will still be noticeable among the text, and an address in a new window: & lt; a href = "web address links" target = "_ blank" & gt; link title & lt; / a & gt ;.Opti
on is useful when you make a link in the middle of a message if you need to preserve the reader's attention.
to decorate link pop-up comments.Text of your explanation will appear when you hover the mouse pointer over the link title.Tags become complicated to such species: & lt; a href = "your link" target = "_ blank" title = "Comment" & gt; link text & lt; / a & gt; Referring to the previous case, the link opens in a new window.
Link to called , encoded by these tags, is also very interesting: & lt; a href = "address" style = "text-decoration: none; color: black;" & gt; Name & lt; /a & gt; .In removed her name and change the font color to black.Replace the word black to the base color of the font in the message - the link will be indistinguishable.This is useful if you want to leave link invisible, a mere formality.
Or paint the title in fanciful colors to choose font color and underline: & lt; a href = "address" target = "_ blank" style = "color: pink; text-decoration: underline;"& gt; & lt; span style =" color: green; "& gt; Name & lt; / span & gt; & lt; / a & gt ;.In the example used pink and green text underscores.Change the appropriate words to a special code or English name to link combined with the design of your site.