The Mozilla FireFox browser to clear the list logins and passwords necessary to enter the menu in the section "Tools" and select "Clear Private Data".In the window that appears lists all types of user data stored by the browser.You need to put a mark against the item "Saved Passwords".Of course, you can choose other options.To start the uninstallation procedure, click "Clear Now."
How to delete
In Opera to remove logins and passwords should be in the "Main Menu" to enter the "Settings" and select it item "Delete private data".This action will open a dialog box with
a folded list of stored personal data browser.It must be deployed by clicking the label next to the inscription "Detailed Settings."The list Tick the box marked "Delete saved passwords", as well as in any other type of data that should be removed.If desired, you can click the "Password Management" and remove not all gross and selectively.Otherwise, press "OK" to start the total stripping.
How to delete
In the browser, Internet Explorer, perhaps the path to the desired option is the longest.First, in the browser menu, expand the section "Service" and the menu and select "Internet Options."This will open the Properties window, where in the "General" tab, in the section "Browsing History", you should press the button labeled "Delete".This will open another window, too broken into sections.In the section "Passwords", click "Delete password".In the next window, confirm deletion by clicking "Yes."
How to delete
In the Google Chrome browser to delete the list usernames and passwords you need to click in the top right corner of the icon with the image of a wrench.In the menu, choose the "Tools", and in it select "Clear browsing data documents."This will open a window with a list of data cleaning.You can shorten the path to this window, if you use the keyboard instead of the mouse - pressing a combination of CTRL + SHIFT + DEL also opens the window.Here you need to specify a time limit stripping data and put a label on the other hand the item "Clear saved passwords", and finally click "Delete browsing data."
How to delete
In Safari To remove list usernames and passwords, open the menu "Edit" and the menu and select "Settings."If you display the menu is not included - to select the same item by clicking the icon with a cog in the upper right corner of the browser window.This will open the Settings window in which you should go to the tab "AutoComplete."In the list of auto-complete web forms, against the item "User names and passwords", you need to click "Edit."In the window with a list of logins there is a possibility to remove as individual username and password (button "Delete"), or all at once (button "Delete all").
How to delete