If you delete an account in the "Live Journal", according to the rules of the website, you are entitled to recover it within thirty days.The actions in this case are almost similar to the restoration of the blog.
go to your profile, click the link at the bottom of the page "complete map of the site."Under "Your Account" find function "Manage Your Account" and click on the link.After this, you will need to change their status.Now you have it say "Deleted".The link "Change" select from menu item "Active" and save the changes.After that your account is in "Live Journal" will be restored.
users whose magazines may be subject to cracking does not hurt to keep the information, that is, make a backup.To do this, click the "Start" men
u and select "Run."In the Open box, write «C: \ folder with the script \ ljpms.exe your username: password backup», then click OK.You will open a window where you can watch the process of backing up your blog, and in the folder with the script will be another directory with the name of your "Live Journal".That's it and you will use to restore LJ.
Register a new account on the server.After that, go to the "Start" menu, select "Run" and type in the line «C: \ folder with the script \ ljpms.exe -s novoe_imya_polzovatelya username: password restore», then click OK.Now, in the window that opens, you'll see how your old records restored in the new magazine.
happens that unsuspecting users administration "LiveJournal" suddenly removes the account.In this case, to restore it, you need to write to support.If you do not violate the rights of the service, you restore all deleted information.