need to know the location of the remote machine may occur in different cases - for example, when a suspicious connection to your computer.Check the list of connections you can use the command netstat-aon, entering it on the command line.In the column "External address" will be ip-addresses, which are connected with or are currently connected your computer.
Determine ah-pee site is easiest by using the command ping, entered on the command line in the following format: ping SiteName.For example, to find ah-pee Google, type the following command: ping and press Enter.Will exchange packets with a website in the first few lines you will see it ip-address.
To find out where the computer, use one of the network services, to provide appropriate service
s.For example, this: Click the "Geocoding", enter the ip-address, click "Show on the map."You will see the map, which will show the position of the physical location of the computer.
should know that this method of determination is not always allow you to actually set the location of the computer.For example, you know ah-pee your buddy or calculated that your computer is connected to the hacker.By entering the ip-address in the above-mentioned service, you will get a spot on the map, but it really gives you a little - if only because the other person or the attacker can use a proxy server, which you locate and learn.
To determine whether this is ah-pee address of the proxy server, use the service type ip in the RIPE Database, and you get a fairly complete information about the interesting you address.However, in the best case, this will address the provider.Learn specific address and name of the person you can not, because to tell you this information provider is not allowed.