Tip 1: How to enter codes for the game The Sims 3,

Games The Sims series popular worldwide.Very much like to build houses, furnish their furniture, follow the joys and woes of computer men.Usually the game The Sims 3, is seamless for users, but if all of a sudden your game characters have problems, they can be solved by entering special codes.
you need
  • - installed the game The Sims 3,
Activate the console to enter the code the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C.The keys must be pressed simultaneously.To hide the console, press the Enter button or press ESC.
Kaching Enter the console and press Enter - the budget of your Sims rise to 1000 currency units.Motherlode code will make your characters richer by 50 million.Use code resetSim & lt; full name Sim & gt ;, if one of your heroes stuck or "stuck" in any subject.HideHeadlineEffects on / off hides pictures of thought over the heads of Sims.
Use the following codes for the construction and placement of objects in The Sims 3.

Moveobjects on / off cancels restrict
ions for placing an object in the construction and purchase.

SonstrainFloorElevation true / false is used to change the landscape, while the floors, walls and furniture are moved in accordance with the tilting of the soil.However, new construction, even activating this code, you can start only on level ground.

DisableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on / off makes it possible to place arbitrary objects, ignoring the snap to grid marking.When placing the objects you need to hold down the Alt.
Dial console TestingCheatsEnabled true / false, and press the Enter key while holding down Shift, click the mouse on the mailbox.Now with the help of code Set Career You can set the level of career.Make Happy will make your residents happier, Make Me Know Everyone introduces your character with all its neighbors in the region, and Make Friends For Me add to your character a few random friends.
Use Code TestingCheatsEnabled true / false to edit various parameters of the game character.After entering the code, press the Shift key and click the mouse on your Sim.Select Modify Traits for changing the character traits.Set Age will allow you to change the age Sim, and Add to Household adds a new member of the family house.

Tip 2: How to enter codes for Sims

all fans and lovers of the computer game The Sims have an excellent opportunity to live in parallel the other life, the life of his character.The game is a lot like real life, that's just like in many games in The Sims, you can use codes.
How to enter codes for Sims
Some players prefer to play without code, thus they are trying to earn money for their own characters, not to resist natural biological processes such as aging, etc.Other - do not represent the game without codes, thereby providing their characters with money, slow down the game, etc.

Cheats for The Sims are on the money, the abolition of aging, arrangement of objects regardless occupied space, the construction of high-rise buildings, etc.It all depends on what part of the trilogy you play.The newer release, the more opportunities.
to enter the code in any part of the trilogy, press sequentially [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [c].At the top of the screen will appear to enter the string.Code distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces and punctuation marks.Therefore, the code must be entered in accordance with the way it has to offer.All codes must be entered in Latin letters.
Codelists to games offered in large numbers on the Internet.They can be found both on the general site for fans of computer games, as well as in private forums.Look carefully for any part of The Sims written codes.Each part has its own codes.Here's an example of the most commonly used codes:

The Sims:

klapaucius - adds $ 1,000 to the family of your character

rosebud - also adds $ 1,000 to the family of your character (in addition Livin'Large)

prepare_lot - to fix aobject in the house

visitor_control - show all your visitors

water_tool - your home will become an island surrounded by water
The Sims 2:

Kaching - add $ 1000 to your Sim and his family

Motherlode - add $ 50,000 to your Sim and his family

Moveobjects on \ off - allows you to move objects that can not be moved

Aging -on / -off - enables / disables aging Sims
The Sims 3:

Kaching - add family your Sim 1000 $

Motherlode - add family your Sim 50,000 $

Familyfunds [family name] # - will increase or decrease the amount of funds in the selected family (# - the amount of money)

ResetSim [name] [name] - your Sim will return home safe and sound

Quit - Quit the game
[Shift] + Click on the Sim - change the nature of the sim.etc.Test mode is switched off command in the console: TestingCheatsEnabled false.Also available are the following codes: Familyfunds [family name] # - Allows you to increase or decrease the amount of money in the chosen family.
Helpful Hint
How to enter codes: need to simultaneously hold down the [ctrl] + [shift] and hold these keys, press the [C].At the top of the console should appear.Possible problems with calling console: you either press a combination of keys, the console does not poyavlyaetsya.Ubedites that you moved the keyboard to angl.yazTry several combinations: Ctrl + Shift, Alt + Shift.
Helpful Hint
igreThe The Sims 3, there are many codes, and with the release of each new supplement their number increases.To see the available codes in their version of the game, open the console and type Help.
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