Prescribe a link to the site in several ways.If the engine is used, go to the menu with administrator rights materials.Next, select the page or create a new one.Write the text, clicking on which will be the transition.Select it and click on the toolbar icon "Add a link".You will have a form to be filled.Enter all necessary parameters provided cms, specify the address of the page and click "OK".Save your changes and refresh the page in the browser - the link to appear.Check its operation, if necessary, make changes.
If you want to create a link that will be displayed on all the pilgrim site, then go to the section templates.Choose "Edit html», you'll get a page with the code.Before you change anything here perestrahuytes - copy
the information in a safe place in case of accidental deletion of data could revert to the original material.
Locate the unit and insert a reference in the format & lt; a href = "address page " & gt; The text, which will be carried out with the transition & lt; / a & gt ;.If you want the text to put in place a graphics file, use the following bundle: & lt; a href = "address page " & gt; & lt; img src = "images Address" & gt; & lt; / a & gt ;.Save the changes and see the result.
To create a transition to a specific page of the web- , first set up the anchor site in the right places, give them names.It is better to set the serial numbers - spend less time on writing references.If you are using cms, select some text, click on "Add a link" and fill in the "anchor."The html-document format, it will look like & lt; a href = "# link address number / name of the anchor" & gt; text / picture & lt; / a & gt;
Using simple web-pages go to another page as prescribed in the code by using the tags & lt; a & gt;and & lt; / a & gt ;.