Tip 1: How to make your blog

Create your own blog never too late, as well as to design it to your liking.If you have blog on LiveJournal, check out existing methods of processing your online diary.
If desired, the page of your blog and LiveJournal can be changed beyond recognition.The platform allows you to register your Livejournal blog as you like: change styles, colors, background, fonts, menus, etc.It is important to note that for this you do not need to pay money - the status of your account in LiveJournal does not depend what will look like a magazine.To order blog , you can go two ways: select a preset style to your liking, or create your own style.
If you follow the path of least resistance, you can choose from hundreds of ready-made styles and customize it as you need.To do this, go to your profile and select "Log" item "My Journal".You will find yourself in the selection of design magazine.Using the navigation on the left side of the page, select the one most appropriate for the style, c
lick the "Preview" to see how your page will look like, and then click "Apply design" to make changes to the style.
Now you can perform more fine-tuning, go to "Set up your style."Here you can customize the colors and fonts, select the number of records per page, change the names and titles of menu items to show or hide tags, set a picture as the background, and perform other settings design your blog well.
If you do not like any of the suggested styles, you can try another option.The LiveJournal community there, where users lay out exclusive style magazines.Very popular community http: //journals-covers.livejournal.com.Vy can see in the publications community ready styles to choose a suitable and apply it to your journal.Before you take a particular style, read the rules of use.
Well, if you decide to try yourself as a designer, but do not have the skills with HTML, use the generator designs for LJ at http://lj.yoksel.ru .In addition, to find answers to your questions on registration your blog and you can Community http://ru-designhelp.livejournal.com .

Tip 2: How to blog

blog or blog network - one of the options for creating personal pages on the Internet.The popularity of the blog depends not only on its content, but also the external design, and structural organization.
How to blog

Graphic design blog

Most people are guided by vivid and memorable visual images.So try to come up with a unique graphic design of your weblog, which ideally should reflect its theme.

Almost all blog platforms have ready-made templates to design pages users.You can use one of the options at first, but over time, try to make your blog unique design, make it recognizable.As a rule, even in the standard template free blogging resources LiveJournal, Diary.ru, LiveInternet.ru can change some of the elements of graphic design, fonts and layout parameters records.

Blog can be divided into the following elements: header, background, substantial part, sidebar and footer.Heder - the picture at the top of the page, which often contains the name of the weblog.The content of the - text and image publications.Sidebar - the side panel of the screen to facilitate the reader to navigate through the blog.Footer - contains links to scroll through the diary and sometimes the contact information of the owner.

Heder - the first thing that the reader sees, opening your page.It is a kind of "odezhka" on which greeted blog.It is important to make it unique and memorable.Search the Internet or select files from their bright and attractive image.Well, if it will match the theme of your blog.Note that the header should take no more than a third of screen space.

background also plays an important role in the graphic design of your page.Here, the most important is the color, as it sets the mood and serves as a frame for text entries.Background image should not be too bright or large, otherwise it will distract the reader from the content of the blog.

Substantial design blog

Blog Network Blog desirable to accompany the images, but do not overload them text - it can tire the reader.Be sure to let the headlines of its own publications.They should be reflected in the sidebar, which will facilitate the reader to navigate through your blog.Furnish write tags that reflect the contents of the recording, such as "vacation", "read a book", "Movies", etc.Tags allow users to read all of your publication on a particular theme.

Properly Make text messages.Always check your blogging entries before publication.The abundance of typos, spelling and punctuation mistakes of the author characterizes as dowdy and not a serious person.The text is divided into a few paragraphs of 3-4 sentences each.Avoid too long publication, it is better to make several consecutive messages on the topic.
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