Decide what you wind blog .In order to have the integrity of your blog, initially required to set a goal and set its theme.You can simply describe every day of your life, paying attention to details, or to choose a theme and searching for materials to analyze the situation.Another option - keeping a photo diary and consisting of pictures and their descriptions.
Set degree of privacy.For starters do it for ourselves, that is, decide what group of people you want to show your diary .This, again, depends on the subject.For example, if you are describing their romantic feelings, you will not want to show them around the world.Even though it can be done very delicately.
Avoid real names and addresses in an electronic diary e. This is to ensure that you did not have
conflicts with the heroes of the stories, as well as for the safety of your home.
look into the blog at least once a week.So you can follow the comments to the publications.Pick up subscribers, do not lose them.Indeed, the majority of electronic s blog created to share something, and for that we need readers.Constantly share fresh ideas and thoughts, without making a long break between records.
promote dialogue within the posts to your recordings.The ability to comment on other people's letters opens up space for dialogue, exchange and debate.To your page can go a complete stranger, and only one of his message can change the meaning of your publication, so watch the progress of the discussions in a timely manner to send them in the right direction.