First, find the IP-address of your computer.This can be done by using the mail program MS Outlook.Looking through the letters in this service, right-click on the email address desired correspondent.In the menu, click on "Properties" and go to the tab "Details".In the Received: from beside the name of the sender, you can see the IP-address.If the message was sent from a computer that was working in the local network will be listed network gateway address.
There are many online services that offer to recognize the geographic address and other data on his computer IP.It should be borne in mind that they provide information about Internet service providers, computer maintenance.
Please visit 2ip and click on "Information about the IP address."In the «IP address" enter the desired combination of numbers and click on the item "Check."After that appear on the screen data provider: legal address, geographical location, phone, fax, and more.
Go to Another well-known hotel, located on the link on the 'Information IP ».Enter the network address and click 'Check information about IP ».The program will provide information about the geographical position of the provider, as well as the online Google map with the village, which houses the office.
Set your computer free program LanWhoIs, which is able to collect information about IP-addresses and domains.Download it from the site and run the "Address" field, enter the appropriate combination of numbers and click the 'Request'.Results can keep using the command "Save".
Keep in mind that some users hide their IP-address.In this case, set the location you are interested in the person you do not succeed.