Decorate forum is not difficult, but it is important to consider that there are free forums in this respect more restrictive.According to this, in order to make the forum the way you would like it to be - you need a paid forum on engines like;IP.Board, phpBB, Invision Power Board, Vbulletin, Intellect Board, PunBB, MyBB, ExBB, miniBB, Flex BB, Phorum, Yabb se, etc.Some engines, from this list there are also free, but the free version there are significant restrictions on the realization of your desires.
main decoration of most forums is the title of his banner, which, taking into account the fact that you have purchased a paid forum - can put a wish.Including animation.For originality can draw your banner, the program - graphics editor, Photo
shop, or order the picture from a web designer.
can for the holidays (for example, New Year) to establish a special script on the forum "falling snowflakes."Throughout the forum, will crumble snowflakes.By type of very effective and original.You can also add a user account, and so on New Year's capJust like you can do that on February 23, March 8, and other holidays.For example, military camouflage, pink - according to your ideas.
as effectively will change the standard buttons for special online image of your subject in the form of buttons using the same Photoshop, or other special programs.There is an interesting program of Crystal Button exclusively for buttons, very easy to handle even for beginners.
hierarchical reward for the members of the board.For example, a fairly popular military hierarchy.Starting from ordinary ending in chief marshal.For example, up to 50 messages ordinary people, then sergeant, and so on a set of messages it rises in rank.Effectively under the nickname by making special straps.Also you can come up with any hierarchy, or whatever you want.