To get premium account in the game - buy it.In most cases, the product strictly separate free and paid users only cash payment - "buy premium version", for example.To a large extent this system used a small casual and indie projects found that can be found in major gaming portals.
use paid features.The second popular method of obtaining « premium account » - micro transaction game.Steam's most prominent representative of this system is Team Fortress 2 where you can not access the money for some important function, but using the Steam Wallet, you can buy items appearance or modified weapons for your character.At the same time the status of "user pay" you get after the
first purchase.
on the website « premium » is rarely permanent.In most cases you pay a privileged position for a certain time (the classic example is the sharing services, which give "high-speed" in the limited time - from days to months), after which have to produce another fee if you are still interested in the services of the project.
Pay « premium » via WebMoney, a virtual wallet.The user registers the virtual account and puts money back through a bank or fast payment terminals mobile, and then uses the account number and the "My Account" to transfer money to the address.
Payment can be made with credit card VISA or MasterCard.You will need to enter the card number and authorize the transfer amount.However, it is not necessary to pay for the purchase card, which means too much, to avoid fraud.
Pay services available via mobile phone.You send an SMS to the specified number, you have to remove a certain amount of money, and in return send a message with the code to be entered in the field on the screen.This method is one of the most convenient, but also dangerous: fraudsters can withdraw an amount far greater than you expect, and sent the code may be inoperative.