All information about your location, the provider can be easily installed on the IP-address.
So, scroll mouse and copy computer network address.IP-address is a sequence of four numbers from 0 to 254 each.Separated by dots.For example, your address, you can find out using a special service on the website .Or by typing in the command line of your computer operating system Windows, the ipconfig command or ifconfig, if your computer operating system Unux.
Arrive at one of the many websites offering WHOIS-information.It is a network application layer protocol that allows you to get information about the owners of IP-addresses (which are also the providers) and domain names.

One of the leading sites for the establishment of da
ta on IP-addresses are .
in the top right corner of the horizontal menu, click on the RIPE Database Search ( ).
in the form text entry in the middle of the screen insert copied to the clipboard IP-address.The address can be entered manually.To search, click Search.If you make a mistake when entering the address, click Reset Form, to clear the field.
The information you see will contain the legal name of the organization in English provider, his legal address and contact numbers, a range of IP-addresses, which is registered for the data provider.These IP-addresses provider offers customers who use its services.
In addition, when it comes to judicial proceedings and necessary official documents, make a lawyer, a forensic investigator's inquiry or request addressed to his Regional Internet Registry RIPE NCC ( http: // ) at: RIPE NCC, POBox 10096, 1001EB Amsterdam, The Netherlands.The request can be sent and e-mail.Email depends on the nature of the request.You will find the desired address by clicking the link .