you need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - link;
  • - text.
Open the page to create a new blog post or website.Ensure that the text entered in HTML-editing mode, instead of the visual editor.In the second case, the tags are not used to be converted into links, and will remain set of characters.
Elementary tags to allow registration of the address mask in its standard form word or two.Code will be: & lt; a href = "Source Address" & gt; text links & lt; / a & gt ;.However, in this design the link will still be released: the text color is different, in addition, emphasis added.
first way to get rid of the selection links - simply remove the underscore.In this case, the text links will look like just a selected phrase.So look for
its registration tags: & lt; a href = "address links " style = "text-decoration: none;" & gt; text links & lt; / a & gt ;.With this design the color of the text will also have to be replaced to match the color of links .
second option allows you to completely hide the link and makes it indistinguishable from the main message.Tags: & lt; a href = "address" style = "text-decoration: none; color: black;" & gt; text links & lt; / a & gt;- Not only to eliminate the underscore, but also changes color.In the specific case it is black, but for its message, select a color similar to the core.
Open a preview of the message.Check the appearance and activity links , by clicking on it.It is important that when you click the color links not changed.If everything is correct, save the message.