To find out which ports are open on your computer, run the command processor by selecting "Start - All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt" and type the command netstat -aon.Press Enter.You will see a list of connections.In the column "Local Address" next to the address specified and rooms ports.
You can find out which program is using the port you are interested in.Note the last count - PID.It identifies process ID, they can be used to find out which program opens a particular port.You can do this in two ways.
Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), in the "View" menu go to "Select Columns."Tick ​​the line "process ID".The Task Manager window will appear column PID.Now you can take a look at the command line identifier of the process that uses the port you ar
e interested in, and in Task Manager on the identifier to determine the name of the application process.If the name itself does not mean anything to you, type it into a search engine and you will get all the information on the process and the appropriate program.
You can get the same information by typing in the same place, at the command prompt, the command tasklist.A list of processes with their IDs.Then everything is exactly the same as in the previous step - map the port identifier and the name of the process to get the information you need.
Sometimes it is necessary to determine number of open ports on the remote computer.For this purpose, special programs, scanning ports on the computer and determines which ones are open.One of the best programs of its kind is a scanner Nmap.There his console version, and with the familiar Windows users windowed interface.
very powerful research complex is the program Metasploit Framework, in its composition, there are Nmap.To check the remote computer, you can use the program and XSpider.The same program, you can check the security of your own computer, and - enter the address of, and then start scanning.The program will not only open ports, and existing vulnerabilities.