Create a Blog for free?

Blog - this is the easiest of the possible Internet projects that can bring profits.This is a public issue, in which the author writes whatever he wants, and everyone on the Internet can comment on this.The Russian blogosphere is rather developed branch communications.A significant part of it occupied by a public platform on which to create a blog for free.For example, it is LiveJournal (livejournal or LJ), blogpost, liveinternet, and many others.In some places you can even create a blog on Wordpress free!

Before you create a blog, decide for yourself whether you want it or need it to make you, as a platform

for publishing their thoughts and feelings.If you want a quick responsive and attentive audience, choose the platform LiveJournal (below reference).The level of the content on this resource is quite high, and people come there specifically to read other people's blogs.Lack at LJ and similar services is only one: it is impossible to place many kinds of advertising, you are very limited in the ways of monetization.But LJ can publish paid posts.For example, the advertising post in Livejournal Lebedev, a famous designer and traveler, worth 300 thousand rubles.There is something to strive for!However, to achieve this success can be very difficult.

Create a blog to earn

Since almost free services do not allow to place ads on your blog, then the only option for earning becomes stendelon blog (from the British stand alone).

Despite the fact that the blog can be used all methods of monetization, which are suitable for conventional websites, yet the most common among them is advertising.This can be contextual advertising, for example, Google AdSense, banner ads, or blocks that are placed directly on the customer agreement with you personally.The last option is the most advantageous, but customers need to look for it yourself.

scheme to create a blog for a living is simple: 1) You create a blog 2) fills the blog interesting content, and regularly writes in his 3) You have a constant readers 4) You find advertisers who pay for ads on your blog, or log in,which itself puts ads on your site 5) You receive income!

As you might guess, the money will come at once.For earnings on the blog needs some persistence and ability to work.If the goal of creating a blog - earn while you are new and do not know anything about blogging, it is recommended to use a platform Wordpress.