you need
  • hosting with PHP and MySQL.Delegated Domain, "tied" to the hosting account.The ability to create a subdomain.Access to the server via FTP.Program in FTP-client and file manager with support for FTP-work protocol.Program-unpacking archives ZIP, or the file manager with the ability to unpack the ZIP-archives.Any modern web-browser.
Load distribution Wordpress.Open in the browser address .Click on the link with the text "Download Wordpress ...".If necessary, select a location to save the file.Wait for the
boot process.
How to make a blog on your
Unzip the downloaded distribution archive Wordpress.Use a program-extractor or the corresponding function file manager.
How to make a blog on your
Read the readme.html file in the directory of the distribution.It contains basic information on how to install a platform Wordpress.
How to make a blog on your
Create a subdomain for your blog site on the domain.Go to the web hosting control panel.Open the control domain on which you want to create a subdomain.Go to the management of subdomains.Add a new subdomain.
How to make a blog on your
Load distribution Wordpress server.Connect via FTP to a server, which will be located on a blog.Go to the directory corresponding to the newly created subdomain.Download all contents of the directory with the unpacked distribution Wordpress in the selected directory on the server.
How to make a blog on your
Create a MySQL database for your blog.Go to the control panel MySQL database hosting.Select Create a new database.Specify the database name, user name and password to access it.Write down the data.
How to make a blog on your
Create and edit the file wp-config.php.In the directory with the unpacked distribution Wordpress rename the file wp-config-sample.php in wp-config.php.Open wp-config.php file in a text editor.For example, in the editor "Notebook" windows.Enter the name of the database, database user name, password, database user as parameters directives define, as specified in the file wp-config.php.Save the file.Download the file to the server via FTP.
How to make a blog on your
Set blog.Open the browser, type the address http://<поддомен_блога>.<домен_вашего_сайта>/wp-admin/install.php.Fill in the page title of the blog, the name of the user who will be the administrator, the administrator password, the administrative e-mail.Click "Install WordPress".
How to make a blog on your
Go to the Control Panel to create a blog.On this page, press "Enter."On the next page, enter the administrator's user name and password.It will be loaded page of the blog control panel.
How to make a blog on your