Decide which site you would like to blog.The most popular - is a lively magazine, blogs @, LiveInternet, Блоги more on the service registered diaries, decide which site deals close to you in spirit contingent which interface you nicer.
Choose a nickname and register a new blog.It is desirable that nickname somehow characterize you, your interests.Quite often people come into a random blog, by simply clicking the mouse on the vending username.You also need the e-mail and password.
Once the blog is registered, you can immediately start making records.Or the first to come up with a beautiful design and upload pic.Designed as a diary can choose from the templates, and create your own unique interface.Pick a background image, adjust the co
lor of the blocks, set the font and save your changes.
pic - it is a picture that will stand next to your nickname and other users have associated with you.As such an image, you can put your picture, drawing with a character that looks like you, plants, animals, children - whatever you like and congenial.Before you load the pic, see the allowable size of the pictures on the website.
Now you can begin to create the records.Your blog can be dedicated to a single subject: interesting events taking place in your city, music, read books, fashionable novelties.But you can also write about my life.If you have a good style, you will quickly find your reader.
important part of blogs - a tape of friends.If you like someone's diary, you can add them to friends of this user.In this case, his new record will appear in your Friends.You can comment on the posts of your online buddies, and they, in turn, will write their opinions in your records.It is thanks to the feedback on the internet and a true friendship is born.