Go to Joomla admin panel and go to the settings of built-ins.Go to the tab "Advanced" and click on "Create".A window appears "Manager modules", where you can select and activate form registration .Enter the desired name for the header tick near the line "Show Title".
Open the "Basic Text" in the module registration forms and edit the standard text for the visitors if it does not suit you.In "Login", you can choose how to be known as a user on the website: under his own name or login.Click "Save" for the changes to take effect.
Download Community Builder component to your website.To do this, go to "Upload package file" and click "Browse".After selecting the desire
d documents, click on the "Download and install".Go to admin panel and start the installed components.
Click the "Register" and make any necessary changes in the form registration .This application is very easy to use, but if you want to change only one or two fields, it is more convenient to perform manual editing.
Back up files that you change to make adjustments in the form of registration .This will allow you to roll back all actions and restore your site in case of failure.Determine which field you want to edit or add.For example, you want to add in the form registration the "City".
Open default.php, which is the link components / com_user / views / register / tmpl.Add mapping "Cities" by inserting form registration corresponding HTML-code.To do this, you can copy any other item and edit it under the city (city).Make these changes in the table jos_users.Open user.php, which is the link libraries / joomla / database / table.Add the new variable.Save the settings and restart the site.