Install one of the programs that allow you to compress traffic, enhance the speed of loading pages and hide advertising.These include the following: Proxomitron, CProxy, ETraffic.Compression of possible traffic from 40% to 80% of the total flow.These programs are very useful for those who pay for Internet access on a certain limit (ADSL, EDGE, GPRS, etc.) and low-speed Internet users.In addition to compression of traffic (https, http,) these programs have many additional features: blocking banners large and interactive videos Flash, change the picture quality (png, gif, jpg), superstrong filter advertising - parser pages with the destruction of advertising, browsing faster.These programs are supported by many browsers (Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.) and any kind of Internet
use utility SG TCP Optimizer.In the settings slider to set the maximum speed of the Internet.
In the settings Internet connections, tick this box to use Proxy.
Use browsers that speed up Web surfing.For example, in the Maxthon browser loads all the great videos YouTube.Browser SlimBrowser a high speed.Wyzo copes with the processing of video and multimedia.In addition, it is possible to download files without having to install the application using the protocol BitTorrent.
change your browser settings in a certain way.That is, turn off script processing.This allows you to block Silverlight, Java, JavaScript, as well as protect your computer and speed up the display of the site.
Use plugins.For example, in Firefox plugin CustomizeGoogle can customize the start page of Google, which blocks cookies and doing search engine safe and faster.A plugin in the same browser keeps notes on sites.Plug-ins that reduce page load time there and in other browsers.
Use one or more of the recommended herein.This way you will be able to significantly improve the Internet connection and thus save time and money.