you need
  • Any modern web-browser.
Check whether the site is indexed by the Google search engine by analyzing the number of pages of sear
ch results.Open the browser URL like:<адрес_сайта>/+site:<адрес_сайта>,wherein the placeholders & lt; adres_sayta & gt;you must substitute the domain name pointing to your site.For example, if the domain name of the site, the URL will be of the form: .SERP in this case, will contain all the pages of this site present in the index of Google.Total number of pages will be shown at the top of the page of search results.Comparing a known number of pages with the number of pages per issue, it can be concluded about the extent of site indexing.
How do I know if a site is indexed
Check indexing site on Google using the tools for web-masters.Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools at .Enter the control panel service.Add a site to the system and confirm the right of management of the site.Go to the address .
How do I know if a site is indexed
Determine whether a site is indexed by analyzing the Yandex search results.Open the page in the browser with the address type<адрес_сайта> ;.Instead of the marker & lt; adres_sayta & gt;in line must be replaced by the domain name of the analyzed site.At the top of search results will indicate the total number of pages, the famous search engine.Compare this with the number of pages.
How do I know if a site is indexed
Analyze indexing site Yandex panel using web-master.Sign up for the panel web-master at Yandex site panel and confirm the right of management.Go to "My sites ", is located, go to the detailed statistics on the site by clicking on the link.
How do I know if a site is indexed