you need
  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - e-mail;
  • - IP-address.
Place your order in their mailboxes.If you do not have the habit of regularly brushing them, there certainly save messages from sites on which you registered.Quite often required to activate the account confirmation.The most convenient way to sort the correspondence on the subject.You can also use a search engine, which is on most mail servers.Enter in the box "Registration Confirmation".If such letters really were, they would be on the same page.Perform this operation in all of its boxes.
Many sites made to register under their real names.T
his greatly facilitates your task.Enter your search engine in the box first and last name.If they are not too common, this may be enough to look at what resources have information about you.Among these resources, there are sites where you are registered.
To narrow the search, type in the box search engine your first name.The number of links on the page is reduced significantly.If you add the date of birth and the city lost its chance to find on the Internet accounts will be much more.According to these data, you will find information about their registration, for example, most of the social networks.
Remember what you used nicknames.An ordinary user is not engaged in the placement of advertising, not so much.Enter your usual search engine yuzerneym out the window and see what happens.List of sites can be quite large.See what the site is really of interest to you.Look for their accounts primarily there.To verify whether you are registered at that site, try to log on.Enter your username.Find a link that offers to recover your password.You will be prompted to enter the e-mail address.If the account is really yours and at the same time you've been using the same address in a few minutes you will get to it a new password.
If you constantly go online on the same computer, which also has a static IP-address, enter the address in the search engine.So you'll probably see a few forums that post.To find out the IP can be the provider.But to do so, and allow some of the social network.For example, you can create an account in the "LiveJournal" in the settings set the outdoor IP, and then your address will appear in each of your comments.