Please visit, which represented more than 1000 online TV channels and Internet broadcasts - domestic and foreign.Sign up on the website, enter your login and select the desired channel by clicking on the green icon.For the convenience of finding all the channels are divided into categories and countries broadcasting.
Before you choose one or another channel, look, what is the speed of its broadcast (typically 100 to 5000 kbit / s, it is listed next to the name of the channel).Compare it with the maximum speed provided by your Internet service provider.Check it can be directly on the site you experience crashes when connecting channels, you can immediately contact the tech support, and you can try to correct the situation yourself.
reload the page and wait for 1
5-30 seconds until the start broadcasting.If it has not started, it checks whether all the players and plugins installed.Windows users need Windows Media Player (can be set, Adobe Flash latest version (, TVU Network (, VLC for Windows (
To install your selected channels to your site, use the following code: iframe src = http: // width = "730" height = "800" bgcolor= "# 000000" scrolling = "auto" frameborder = "0" allowtransparency = "true" allowFullScreen = "true" allowScriptAccess = "always" & gt;
How to install the TV on your site
you can apply on a site like the left section of "Online TV" select the channel and click "Put the TV channel to your website."The code that you need to copy and install the following: script type = "text / javascript" src = "http // / informer / 4" & gt;
How to install the TV on your site