Use the target attribute tag a (anchor), to give the browser the visitor to know how to open the hyperlink in a page of your site.Since all elements of the page are recreated from the browser of HTML-code (HyperText Markup Language - «hypertext markup language"), which it sends to the server response to the request page, and information on the method of opening links should also be placed in the source code.Tag "a" - a team the browser to display the hyperlink on the page.Look at the HTML-code of the page, he can, for example,
as: & lt; a href = "" & gt; Text link & lt; / a & gt; Here href - this is an additional information tag links which, in the HTML language is called "attribute. "This attribute is specified the address, which must be sent to the visitor, but the standard language are provided, and other attributes.One of them, which contains information about the process of opening the link, referred to as target.In all, this attribute can be four values: _blank, _parent, _self, and _top.Values ​​you want - _blank.The above link it with the added indication of the browser to open the page in a new window may look like this: & lt; a href = "" target = "_ blank" & gt; Text link & lt; / a & gt;
Edit the page containing the link to which we must add the attribute target.You can do it in a text editor, file downloading the page from the server to his computer.And you can use the editor pages of content management system.In any case, after the discovery of the source code of the page you need to find the link you want to change, and to add to it (for example, immediately after the tag name - "a") target = "_ blank".Then save your changes to the code page.
If you have the ability to use visual editing mode in the content management system, the procedure could be even simpler - many visual editors allow you to specify the target attribute in a dialogue to create / change the link.Simply select the desired hyperlink and click on the editor toolbar button "Add link" to open this dialog, choose from the drop-down list _blank target value and save changes.