Make your website first search engine is no easy task.There is a whole technology promotion and advancement s website in search results.Among webmasters and site owners s it is called SEO (search engine optimization) - Search Engine Optimization.The algorithms of search engines, providing indexing site s, change often, so there is no single universal method of promotion site and does not exist.But there are a number of principles, which remain unchanged.
There are two main areas of pr
omotion s website in the search engines: internal optimization and external.The internal transformation involves site and in accordance with the requirements of search engine algorithms in order to facilitate and accelerate the process of indexing.External optimization - a set of procedures aimed at a successful struggle with competitive site s similar subjects.
As part of the internal optimization should pay attention to the following points: the uniqueness of the content site but well-written semantic kernel, which includes both high-frequency and low-frequency queries, competent optimization of pages under the main key questions, the correctinternal linking site but clean code, the presence of the card site and correctly compiled file robots.txt, properly prescribed meta tags.All of these key aspects of internal optimization on the Internet is written a lot of material and is easy enough to find.
transition to the external optimization makes sense only after the full all the necessary measures for internal optimization, otherwise these efforts turn into a waste of money.It is important to remember that in a highly competitive business subject areas successful promotion without financial cost is practically impossible, and we are talking only about the size of the available budget and the effectiveness of its distribution.
main task of the external search engine optimization is to acquire back links to your site from third-party resources.The more such links, the more authoritative your site in the eyes of search engine spiders.However, it is important to remember that not every resource / Internet platform for placing links to your site .It is important that the site Donor was really high quality resource.By placing a link to low quality, zaspamlennye site ah (so-called linkopomoyki) or a resource gap of subjects (porn varezniki, crime), you can achieve the opposite effect, instead of the expected advancement received penalties from the search engine.Therefore, the choice of sites for their links to be approached very carefully and do not chase the cheap or free offers.